Do you have Audiobooks on Spotify?

Are your audiobooks available on Spotify? Are you actively promoting your books to readers?

Spotify’s acquisition of Findaway Voices has introduced convenient methods for audiobook enthusiasts to effortlessly discover and access them. Here’s an interesting tidbit: your premium subscription (excluding the premium student plan) comes with a bonus—15 hours of audiobook listening every month! Yes, that’s correct. With your monthly plan, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of audiobooks at no extra cost. It’s worth noting that the majority of my audiobooks are accessible on Spotify Premium.

Authors, have you thought about collaborating with podcasters who already have a dedicated audience that aligns with your books? This not only allows you to promote your audiobooks but also extends your reach to an existing listener base for your ebooks. An interesting statistic: over 60% of the listeners on Buzzing about Romance Podcast are avid audiobook enthusiasts.

Remarkably, numerous authors are experiencing a fourfold increase in their audiobook residuals compared to the previous quarter. Imagine giving your promotional efforts a boost by featuring your audiobooks on our podcast. Let’s work together to amplify your visibility and engagement!

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