Story/Series Development Coaching:

Becky not only provided the push I needed to take a chance on a new pen name and genre, she also helped refine my vision and find my voice. She is professional, prompt, and an absolute pleasure to work with. If you are looking for any bookish services, or even advice, I highly recommend her for all your needs.” ~ author Mindy McKinley/Mimi Kinley

This woman (Becky) is an encyclopedia of romance. Becky Burrier can recall plots, tropes, steam levels, and well-written characters. And all of these things are at her fingertips. This makes her an invaluable resource to the romance writer. In editing, creating, and plotting, I relied on her expertise to help guide me through some tricky writing spots with my Winery series as well as in the beginning of my Holiday Disasters series. She’s a sounding board but also someone who respects and cares deeply for the genre and writers. “- author Kelly Kay

Buzzing about Romance Drunk Book Club

How could I not participate in a book club with this name? 🙂 I attended with my glass of wine in hand and had a blast! These gals are so kind and so much fun, I left with a face that hurt from laughing and a big boost of self-esteem! Their insightful comments show their genuine love of books and the romance genre.
~ guest author, Kelly Jamieson

As a dorky borderline workaholic introvert, my instinct is usually to say ‘no’ to requests to participate in video chats with multiple total strangers, but I’m so glad I said ‘yes’ to being a guest author for Drunk Book Club. All the ladies were so cool and I had so much fun talking with them. Despite all the Zoom participants, the conversation was always organized and didn’t go off the rails. I also learned a lot, because every single one of those women reads more than I do. It’s great to talk to readers like this, and I’d recommend the experience to anyone.
~ guest author, Kayley Loring

Buzzing about Romance Drunk Book Club was so much fun. The last time I was a guest author was on release day, so having the opportunity to share that with everyone that night was such a special experience. I love the conversations and the questions and the getting to dive in on the books and characters. There is nothing better than a group of girlfriends sitting around chatting about romance and this was all that and more!” ~ guest author J. Saman

Live Events with Buzzing about Romance

Becky and Leah make it so easy to schedule and they always make these live events fun. I’ve done both a YT live and an IG live, and they have been a fun and easy way to talk about my new releases and introduce myself to new readers.” ~ author Danica Flynn

I love going Live with Buzzing About Romance. Becky and Leah are so much fun to chat with and very flexible with busy writers schedules.” ~author Mariah Ankenman

Podcast Interview on Buzzing about Romance

I always enjoy going on the Buzzing About Romance podcast. Becky and Leah always have insightful and fun questions. Talking romance books and writing with them is always a joy.” ~author Mariah Ankenman

Becky and Leah were lovely to work with: organized and on top of details as well as doing everything to make our podcast interview easy as well as fun. Their passion for romance books translates well into their banter and the relaxed nature of their interview style. Tons of fun to work with!” ~ author Karen White (aka author Karen Grey)

Leah and Becky made my interview with them so stress-free, and more importantly, it was FUN! It was obvious they were knowledgeable about my books and weren’t trying to fake out the audience by pretending they’d read my stories. I felt quite at home and I swear we could’ve talked for hours. They’re my favorite duo to do interviews with!” ~ author Susan Stoker

Developmental Editing

“Leah’s attention to detail and asking the hard questions have been key to helping me finesse my work. She also will not bat an eye when you send her a truly unhinged email about adding a book to your publishing schedule. I highly recommend her!” ~author Danica Flynn


“Leah has been a total lifesaver. After getting my rights back to multiple books, I really needed someone to proofread for me so I could get the books back up on retail sites as quickly as possible. Thanks to her fantastic skills and fast turnaround, I’m stressing a lot less and getting my stories back in the hands of readers.” ~author Samantha Chase