The following is a list of prices for services offered. All Prices are subject to negotiations and can change based on time constraints.
New Pricing is an effect 2/16/2024.
Service  Price  
Author Assistant Services $20 an hour min of 5 hours monthly
Story or Series Development  Free Consultation  3 Hrs $175  additional hours $35  
Developmental Editor  .011 per word
Copy or Line Edits .009 per word
Quote Pulling/Hashtags/Trope Categorizing $150 for over 100,000 word book  
$100 for under 100,000 word book 
Beta Reading  $135 up to 100,000 words and $25 per 10,000 words  over 100,000
Proof Reading  .007 per word  
Series Bible Keeping $150 per book  
more than 3 book series  $125 for each additional book  
add 4-5 Quotes per book for additional $25 per book.
add detailed timeline $30 per book
add detailed outline $100 per book
Alpha Reading .009 per word
 Scheduling Assistance Contact for pricing. Pricing varies depending on needs.
Blurb Assistance$75 includes five rounds of edits to refine the blurb
Marketing Bible Marketing Bible per book
you get 20-25 teasers, excerpts, or scenes with location and chapter noted with Aesthetic- suggestions
$175 up to 100k words
$200 (100k+ words)
  • Please Note Prices are subject to negotiation and can changed based on time constraints
  • 5% Service Fee will be added to cover part of Surcharges and fees.

If you are looking for assistance in an area not listed, please contact us.  Other services will be offered on a limited basis.