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The Story

Author Assistant Services. An author assistant plays a crucial role in supporting writers throughout the various stages of the writing and publishing process. The specific tasks may vary depending on the author’s needs and the nature of the project.

Story/Series Development Coaching This is a service where we will help you walk through your series ideas. We will give input and thoughts about the direction of the series. Help you figure out the overall feelings you are going. Making sure your ideas are tied together to make the series feel cohesive.  Help you answer questions like, what is going to keep the reader engaged and coming back for multiple books

Developmental Editor Services– This is a service where we will work with authors to resolve any issues in your manuscript.  Which would include the structure and form, making sure no plot holes exist in the story, and character consistencies.  Once the developmental edit has revised, reworked, and created a strong story it will be ready for the next steps of copy edits and proofreads.   

Proof Reader- This service is to provide authors with help to find spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, and formatting issues within their manuscript.

Series Marketing Bible Keeper– This a service for the author who is writing a long book series or a book that is part of their established world.  We will provide authors with a detailed Bible of their work.  You can hire us for one book or series at a time or in an ongoing series.

Marketing Bible- Submit your entire book (e-book preferred) for a comprehensive aesthetic and scenes creation service. Our team will craft a full break down of what scenes and aesthetics can be used on social media to help promote your book. Each Marketing Bible will have 20-25 teasers, excerpts, or scenes with chapter and location included with aesthetic suggestions . Enjoy the convenience of having your book read and content ready for you to create Tiktok content within a two-week timeframe.

Alpha Reading– In the role of Alpha Reader can vary, but we provide feedback and focus on the initial concept, plot, characters, and overall direction of the work. They might provide insights into the story’s strengths and weaknesses, identify potential issues with the plot or character development, and offer general impressions.

Beta Reading– We will read your rough manuscript and give you feedback. This is a step that will help the overall feel of your book by giving feedback into characters, pacing and storyline.  

Quote Pulling/Hashtags/Trope Categorizing– This service to help provide the author with a foundation to market their books.  We can pull quotes from a book or help them create hashtags that will pull the reader in. It is also very important that if you are relying heavily on tropes to catch the eye of readers that you are categorizing the book correctly to meet expectations of readers.  Primarily focused on extracting impactful quotes, creating relevant hashtags, and categorizing tropes to enhance the book’s marketing foundation.

Copy edits – Copy editors and line editors are professionals who play crucial roles in the editing process of a written work, such as a manuscript or article. While their roles overlap to some extent, they focus on different aspects of editing. We cover Grammar and Style, Consistency, Clarity and Flow, and Fact-Checking.

Line Edits – We focus on Sentence-Level Editing, Language Enhancement Dialogue and Narrative, Tightening and Polishing, and Consistency in Voice.

Blurb Assistance – Crafting compelling blurbs can be challenging, yet it plays a crucial role in capturing readers’ attention. Share your responses to key questions with us, and we’ll work diligently to assist you. Whether through a Zoom call or email, we’ll present you with several blurb options. Following that, we’ll engage in up to five rounds of edits to refine the blurb, ensuring it stands out and resonates with your audience. Let’s collaborate to create an exceptional blurb that grabs readers’ interest!

Scheduling Assistance varies based on needs of the author. This can be everything from Administrative or Organizational tasks. We can help with accountability to social media. Contact us for more details.

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If you are looking for assistance in an area not listed, please contact us.  Other services will be offered on a limited basis.