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We are here to help you bring your best story to readers.

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Leah Francic started reading early and often.  She cracked her first romance way earlier than suspected when she got into her mom’s monthly Harlequin subscription boxes.  Leah has a background in the fine arts with focuses on painting and photography, but ultimately fell in love again with the written word after a couple years of sporadic reading.  She began working in the industry in 2020 when she was given a chance to work directly as an author’s PA and editor. 

Since then, her client base has grown as well as becoming the co-host of the Buzzing About Romance Podcast.  Getting to work with authors to develop their stories has been an extremely fulfilling experience.  Leah’s goal is to be a sounding board for authors who might be struggling for that next moment in their story and to help authors be able to present their best work each time they click publish. 

Becky Burrier has been reading romance since the early 1990s.  She has been a lifelong reader but romance will always be her go-to genre.   Becky has a background in theatre production and education. She has also worked in the publishing industry since 2019.  Becky is the creator and the host of the Buzzing about Romance Podcast. 

Over the last few years, playing part in an authors’ journey has been one of the best things. Helping to fix the words, storylines or interviewing authors on the podcast are just some of the ways she has engaged with authors.  Her goal to provide helpful insight and support to those who are writing the stories.   

Amanda is a lifelong reader of many genres but has been focused on romance after discovering so many amazing indie authors the past few years. She discovered the book community on Instagram in late 2021 and finally feels like she has found her tribe.

Her favorite genres are romantic suspense and PNR and her favorite tropes are sibling’s best friend and fake relationship.

Amanda is stepping into the realm of professional Beta Reading and Author Services with unbridled enthusiasm. She’s thrilled at the prospect of aiding authors in refining their characters and perfecting the pacing of their stories through the art of Beta Reading. With a keen eye for detail, Amanda is dedicated to unearthing those captivating quotes that add a touch of allure to your latest release. If you’re seeking a seasoned professional to elevate your storytelling, Amanda is your go-to expert.