Plot Holes and Plot Bunnies

What is a plot hole and how to avoid them… By definition a plot hole is an inconsistency in the narrative or character development of a book, film, television show, etc. Plot holes are often created unintentionally, often as a result […]


What is a proofreading? By definition proofread is: to read (copy or printer’s proofs) to detect and mark errors to be corrected Hiring a proofreader to do a final read […]

Troping a Work

TROPE: (noun) a convention or device that establishes a predictable or stereotypical representation of a character, setting, or scenario in a creative work. Romance books often have a main trope […]

What’s in a name?

Every part of a book is important.  But one of the most important parts is the title.  What’s in a title? You want the title to be engaging, original, but not overly […]